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Life leaves no room to stress about sump pumps. They just need to work when they are called to work, because we all have too much else on our plates. When a customer’s home experienced extraordinary rainfall and frozen pipes during trying times, their Zoeller sump and backup pumps had their back and kept their home safe, dry, and protected even under extreme conditions.

We LOVE hearing from our customers when they experience unbelievable results from their Zoeller products. Here is the latest message and photo we received from a satisfied sump pump owner in the Midwest after replacing his old backup unit with a Zoeller ProPak system.

Hello, I’m not sure if this will be read, but I just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone there…

Our daughter was born a couple years ago and had life threatening issues with her heart as she stayed in the hospital for 6 months…during that time our previous sump pump failed, and our plumber installed a Zoeller for our replacement. I can’t thank you guys enough for building such a tough as nails sump pump. As soon as we replaced it with a Zoeller, we had record breaking rainfall, and your pump ran FOR A MONTH STRAIGHT WITHOUT STOPPING! We were able to spend our time in the hospital without dealing with our basement flooding again. Fast forward to this past December, we spent more time in the hospital with her, there was one day our line outside froze and the pump ran a full day without being able to push out the water. It got so hot the water in the pit was steaming! I thawed the line, and the pump still works! I know all of this is probably horrible for the pump, but it’s out of my control. I’m just blown away it still works after the abuse.

So, long story short, please thank everyone who designs and builds these, because it literally gave me the ability to be with my sick daughter! God bless all of you!

Whatever unit this is with the backup…you made a customer for life!

Backup You Can Count On case study - EK

 ProPak Aquanot Backup System pictured.