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Turbine Effluent Pumps

Turbine Effluent Pumps

Used in onsite applications that demand more head than a traditional single stage centrifugal submersible pump can deliver.

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STEP Systems

Centrifugal STEP Discharge Assemblies

Centrifugal STEP Discharge Assemblies

View Product Centrifugal STEP Discharge Assemblies

Centrifugal STEP Systems

Includes the pump, controls, and accessories necessary for a convenient and complete STEP installation

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Centrifugal STEP Vaults

Includes filter pack with handle and pump chamber preassembled at factory.

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Turbine STEP Discharge Assemblies

Discharge piping and accessories for convenient installations of turbine STEP systems

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Turbine STEP Float Trees

A convenient assembly for organizing float switches inside a turbine STEP vault

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Turbine STEP Systems

Includes the pump, controls, and accessories necessary for a convenient and complete STEP installation

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Turbine STEP Vaults

Easily add a filtered pump chamber without installing a new tank

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Effluent Filters

Container Assembly

Used to retrofit filters into existing onsite treatment systems

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Pressure Effluent Filter

Screens effluent under pressure on a pump discharge line

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WW1 Effluent Filter

Screens effluent in residential applications with flows up to 1,500 GPD (5.7 m³/day).

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WW4 Effluent Filter

Screens effluent in residential or commercial applications with flows up to 4,000 GPD

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Water Distribution Components

Actuated Zone Valves

For zoning large effluent distribution networks

View Product Actuated Zone Valves

Automatic Multizone Valves

Automate multiple-zone residential and small commercial disposal fields easily

View Product Automatic Multizone Valves

Bull Run® Valve

Directs effluent flow to septic fields or systems

View Product Bull Run® Valve

Drip Line and Accessories

Distribute treated effluent effectively into tough soils

View Product Drip Line and Accessories

Orifice Shields

Protect dosing orifices from surrounding media in pressurized distribution systems

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Recirculating Valve

For zoning large effluent distribution networks

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Spider Valve®

Split flows evenly or custom drill the orifices for unequal lateral lines

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Splitter Valve and Cat’s Eye Weir

Splits effluent flows for effluent recirculation

View Product Splitter Valve and Cat’s Eye Weir

Tru-Flow® Splitter System

Innovative Splitter System that evenly divides effluent into two to five lines.

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Wastewater Treatment Systems

Decentralized Wastewater Systems

An alternative to conventional sewers for small communities, neighborhood clusters, and rural developments

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Recirculating Media Filters

Proven wastewater treatment technology for residential, commercial and small community needs

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Z-Cell® High Performance Wetland

An attractive, robust and ecologically sound treatment system

View Product Z-Cell® High Performance Wetland


Economy Riser Systems

Allow access to septic or pump tanks

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Standard Riser Systems

Strong and durable risers allow access to septic or pump tanks.

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Alarm Systems

Indoor/Outdoor Alarm System to warn of a high water condition

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Demand Dose Control Panels

Simplex or duplex control switch for dewatering, effluent and sewage applications

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Pivot Pro Series

1Ph and 3Ph Simplex and Duplex panels with even more standard features than Pivot.  LCD screen, internet connectivity and much more.

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Pivot Pro+ Series

Pivot Pro+ panels are built the same as Pivot Pro panels but in larger enclosures. This  larger enclosure allows for variations such as Reversing panels, Start Kit panels, and other future variations.

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Pivot Series

1Ph Simplex and Duplex panels loaded with many more standard features than typical panels.  Many counters and alarms built-in!

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Timed Dosing Control Panels

Programmable for simplex or duplex installations

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Variable Level Pump Switch

Single and double piggyback variable level switches for direct pump control

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Wi-Fi Gateway

Connect Z Control® Enabled Zoeller Products to the Z Control® Cloud.

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Z Control®

Enables remote status checks and testing as well as FREE email, text, and push notifications for all alert conditions in your home sump pit.

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Carbon Vent

Eliminates septic tank odors

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EPDM Liner

Makes treatment installations watertight

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EZ-Pull Quick Disconnect

Allows for quick removal or installation of a pump.

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Junction Boxes

Convenient, watertight boxes for making wiring splices in the field

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Spherical Media Filters

Provides adequate surface area for a variety of filtration applications

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Products We Offer

At the heart of what we do, Zoeller Pump Company strives to create products that benefit and protect our environment. Whether you are addressing residential or commercial environmental concerns, you can rely on our devices and accessories to help you achieve your goals.

Wastewater is all around us, on roads, in sewers, and in gutters. It significantly impacts the environment, collecting contaminants such as bacteria, chemicals, and sewage. In both residential homes and their surroundings, wastewater has the potential to harm the surrounding natural wildlife and damage homes and businesses, which is why we offer products to counter it.

The categories our environmental products fall under include:

  • Turbine effluent pumps.
  • Step systems.
  • Effluent filters.
  • Water distribution components.
  • Wastewater treatment systems.
  • Risers.
  • Controls.
  • Accessories.

Our Mission at Zoeller Pump Company

We learn how to improve our products most effectively through ongoing research and innovation. This growth has been our goal for more than eight decades, as we focus on offering quality and value to our customers. We have grown to be the foremost manufacturing company in North America for wastewater products and maintain strong relationships with distributors across the region.

At Zoeller Pump Company, we dedicate ourselves to offering high-quality services, technologies, and products that our customers and end-users can trust. Zoeller Pump is proud to be an American manufacturer headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, now in its fourth generation of family ownership. As a family-owned business with 95% of our products being made in the USA using a majority of U.S. content, Zoeller Pump Company is proud of our American heritage and U.S. commitment.

From our wastewater treatment systems for homes to our Centrifugal STEP Discharge Assemblies, we maintain a comprehensive inventory of high-performance products for various environmental uses.

Locate Your Environmental Product Distributor Today

Are you wondering where you can buy one of our environmental products? You can find our distributors anywhere in the country, fully stocked with the devices and tools you and your clients need. You can enter your location into our Distributor Search and find a supplier near you today. Call us at 800-928-7867 if you still have questions about our environmental products or services.

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