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Z Control® Enabled

APak® Z Control® Indoor Alarm

Indoor Alarm Systems - Standard and Z Control® models. Receive text, email & push notifications of alarms through Z Control®.

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Aquanot® Fit 508

PROFESSIONAL Series, self-testing, 12-volt DC battery backup system with built-in WiFi for Z Control® connectivity

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Complete sump pump systems preassembled with battery backup and primary pumps. The Fit Model has additional features such as internet connectivity to Z Control® for notification and remote access.

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Wi-Fi Gateway

Connect Z Control® Enabled Zoeller Products to the Z Control® Cloud.

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Z Control®

Enables remote status checks and testing as well as FREE email, text, and push notifications for all alert conditions in your home sump pit.

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Standard Alarms and SmartPak

APak® Alarm Systems

Indoor and Outdoor Alarm Systems Log in to your ZControl Account here.

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Flood Alert®

High water alarm warns you when sensor contacts water.

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Qwik-Box Pump Control and Alarm Systems

A junction connection box designed for easy hook-up of pumps and alarm systems used in septic effluent, sewage, or dewatering applications requiring a connection outside the building or residence

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SmartPak® Plus Residential Alternator

Allows you to install two automatic pumps up to 1/2 HP and alternate their use by connecting the built-in auxiliary contacts to a Z Control Gateway or APak, users can receive alerts via email, text, and push notifications.

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Piggyback Variable Level Float Switch

Converts a nonautomatic pump to an automatic pump.

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Variable Level Control Switch

Standard, mechanical, variable level control switches.

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Rail and Disconnect Systems


Reduces time and cost of removing a pump


Check Valves

Cast Iron and Plastic Check Valves

30-0021, 30-0151, 30-0181, 30-0200

View Product Cast Iron and Plastic Check Valves

Compression Unichecks

PVC plastic, compression-type unicheck valves

View Product Compression Unichecks

Full-Flow Unichecks

1-1/4" to 3" cast iron and 1-1/4" to 2" high temperature cast iron check valves

View Product Full-Flow Unichecks

Heavy-Duty Valves

3" and 4" flanged check valves and 2", 3" and 4" cast iron plug valves

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Inline Check Valve

1-1/2" check valve

View Product Inline Check Valve

Quiet Check Valve

PVC solvent-weld with union check valve for reduced water hammer or quieter operation in your plumbing system

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Tri-Check® and Combo Valves

Tri-Check®: Check valve, ball valve and union combination. The Combo: Check valve and union combination.

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Ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications

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Custom Package Systems

Customizable, preassembled and tested lift stations based upon your application. Designed, machined, and assembled in Louisville, Kentucky. Shipped to your site.

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Extension for 24 x 24 Preassembled 912 / 915

Extension that increases the basin height by 8” to allow deeper burial for longer pitched pipe runs.

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QLS (Qwik Lift Station) Series®

Prefabricated Lift Stations with Z-Rail® Technology

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Riser for 24 x 24 Preassembled 912 / 915

Riser for below grade burial of piping and electrical connections.

View Product Riser for 24 x 24 Preassembled 912 / 915

Categories of Sump Pump Accessories

Whether you need help removing an old pump system or want to install an alarm for better monitoring, we have accessories to suit your job, including these categories:

  • Z Control® enabled: Protect your sump pump from overflows and other issues with products like a Z Control® sump pump alarm and battery-powered backup sump pumps in case of a power outage.
  • Alarms: Protect a home and pump system with notifications for pump failure, power outages, and other issues.
  • Switches: Convert a nonautomatic pump into an automatic one by adding float switches to monitor liquid levels and activate the pump.
  • Rail and disconnect systems: Simplify the installation and removal of a submersible pump by purchasing a rail or disconnect system.
  • Check valves: Reduce the chances of backflow and limit the noise of a plumbing system with a check valve.
  • Basins: We sell sump pump basins in various sizes and materials for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. You can also buy basin extensions and customized lift stations.

Stop By a Local Distributor for Pump Accessories

Zoeller Pump Company is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, and sells pump accessories across the United States. You can find them from a distributor in your area or speak with a knowledgeable team member by calling 800-928-7867.