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QLS (Qwik Lift Station) Series®

QLS (Qwik Lift Station) Series®


Prefabricated Lift Stations with Z-Rail® Technology

These complete grinder package systems are factory-assembled for quicker, easier installation at the jobsite.

  • Zoeller’s Z-Rail® Technology with powder-coated, ductile iron elbows and brackets provides longer life and reliability.
  • Dual-rail system offers added support and stability while raising and lowering pumps compared to single-rail systems.
  • A wide variety of basin diameters and depths are stocked to accommodate almost any job.
  • Cover choices include solid fiberglass and either steel or aluminum hatches.
  • Built for grinders, effluent, or sewage pumps!

Don’t see what you need? Custom systems with Z-Rail® Technology are available. Contact our experts at [email protected].