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Backup Pump Systems

Complete sump pump systems preassembled with battery backup and primary pumps. The Fit Model has additional features such as internet connectivity to Z Control® for notification and remote access.

A battery-powered backup sump pump offers supplementary capability if your primary pump fails due to an electrical outage, excess inflow, or mechanical issue. In these instances, the type of ProPak model you select from Zoeller Pump Company can give your property around 5 ½ to 7 ½ hours of supplementary protection with a fully charged battery.

When the liquid rises in a pit, a primary pump sometimes can’t pump fast enough to reduce the water levels. Having a backup sump pump can double your pumping capacity and give you reassurance if you’re away from the property when the water levels rise.

For your convenience, our system comes fully assembled and ready to install in your clear water sump. It has a multistage controller, charger, alarm warning system, and light indicator. The system’s engineering uses vortex impellers with centrifugal force to push fluids against the pump volute without requiring direct contact, delivering reliable performance.

System Includes:

  • Model 73, 53, 63 or 98 primary pump
  • Model 507 or Model 508 Aquanot®, 12 Volt DC backup system with DC pump, check valve, float switch(es) and piping
  • Plumbed in 1-1/2″ (DN40) Sch 40 PVC pipe

Features and Benefits:

  • Comes fully assembled and ready to install in your clear water sump
  • Automatic operation
  • Will provide 5-1/2 – 7-1/2 hours of continuous pumping on a fully charged battery based upon system selected
  • Extra protection when the primary AC pump fails due to power outages
  • Battery burn out and overcharge protection
  • Intelligent multi-stage charger/controller with alarm, light indicator and warning system
  • Self-testing and self-aware controller monitors system 24/7
  • Engineered, glass-filled thermoplastic vortex impellers
  • Lockable battery box
  • Factory assembled
  • 12 V deep cycle marine battery not included. Zoeller battery recommended but not required to qualify for warranty. See system instructions for minimum requirements.
  • Built in Wi-Fi for remote connectivity via Z Control®Cloud! See FM3010. Applies to Fit only.


3 year limited warranty on Model 53, 73 and 98

5 year limited warranty on Model 63

Model 508 Patent #D740329

Product may not be exactly as shown.


Motor 1/3 – 1/2 HP
Voltage 115 V
Phase 1 Ph
Hertz 60 Hz
RPM 1550 – 3450 RPM
Amps 4.7 – 9.7 Amps
Operation Automatic
Discharge Size 1-1/2″
Impeller Type Non-clogging vortex
Impeller Engineered, glass-filled thermoplastic

60Hz      cCSAus      Powder Coated Tough      SSPMA