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Extra-Protection, Two-Pump System

Extra-Protection, Two-Pump System

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The extra-Protection, two-pump system is an economical solution to the costly, duplex alternating pump system, and it’s easy to install!

  • High pump performance without the high cost
  • Systems that fit the needs and budget
  • Delivers more dependability than a single-pump system, and greatly reduces the chance of costly and time-consuming problems associated with wear-out or damages and the resulting system failures
  • Affords greater satisfaction and peace of mind to all concerned by providing state-of-the-art protection for costly and expensive surroundings
  • Easy and economical to install

System includes

  • Two pumps of your choice (see chart)
  • One alarm system (see chart)
  • Two unicheck valves as required (see chart)

*Minimum distance between “on” points: 2″ (50 mm).

For simplex and duplex recommendations and more information, please refer to related documents FM0541 and FM0848.