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City Pressure Booster Pumps

City Pressure Booster Pumps

Potable Water Systems

All in one unit, consisting of pump, motor, stainless steel pressure tank and electronic controller.

If a water system or industrial equipment has low water flow, booster pumps can transport water from a storage tank, lake, or pond for use in a home or commercial building.

A household may need a pump to increase low water pressure if they don’t receive enough pressure from the city water supply. The booster pump could also send repressurized water from a storage tank throughout a home to a faucet, toilet, or laundry machine. In these cases, the booster pump must pull water out of a tank to move it throughout the house.

Our pressure booster pump includes everything you need to move water smoothly and quietly, with a pump, motor, pressure tanks, and electronic controller. The compact design takes up minimal space, offering versatility in your setup thanks to a 5-foot cord. The upper bearing, impeller, and flanges are all made with stainless steel to provide long-term durability.

  • All-in-one unit, consisting of pump, motor, stainless steel pressure tank and electronic controller
  • Compact design and quiet operation make it suitable for many applications
  • System has automatic built-in diagnostics to protect against:
    • Run Dry
    • Dead Head
    • Rapid Cycling
  • Impeller constructed of stainless steel with stainless steel bearing and shaft sleeve
  • 1 in. stainless steel inlet and outlet flanges
  • Variable pressure based on demand
  • 1 year limited warranty


Voltage 115
Phase 1
Hertz 60
Amps 6.0 (Model 350) or 10.0 (Model 355)
Cord Length 5 FT
Max Operating Temperature 104 F (40 C)
Upper Bearing Stainless Steel
Impeller Stainless Steel