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Aquanot® Spin 508

Aquanot® Spin 508

Backup Pump Systems

Self testing 12 Volt backup sump pump system. Fully automatic, and industry best performance and efficiency.

Reliability is priceless for any homeowner. When accidents happen, they deserve to have the tools and technology necessary to remain safe and secure in their home. Homeowners can benefit from the Aquanot® Spin 508 — a heavy-duty backup sump pump system that’s ready to work whenever the existing pump goes down or more strength is needed.

Your Go-To Residential Battery Backup System

We have created this long-lasting battery backup pump system using the latest technology to maximize efficiency and performance, giving homeowners the confidence they need against flooding. The Aquanot® Spin 508 is a backup sump pump with a DC battery system that gives you up to six hours of uninterrupted pumping. This double-sealed pump performs at 35 gallons per minute (GPM) using 12.7 volts while being 10 feet submerged. It also offers two days of battery protection.

As a self-testing 12-volt backup sump pump system, the Aquanot® Spin 508 maintains a sophisticated controller responsible for charging, offering automatic, supervised switch connections, and running intelligent diagnostics. This cost-effective battery backup solution for your existing sump pump uses an audible alarm and flashing lights to alert homeowners when an issue has occurred. Make it a breeze to achieve premium protection against specific conditions, including:

  • Pump activation.
  • Pump cycled.
  • Battery fault.
  • Switch fault.
  • Power outage.

The Zoeller Pump Company Is Here for You

At Zoeller Pump, we design and manufacture high-quality products, giving residential areas confidence in flood protection. The Aquanot® Spin 508 DC high-performance battery backup pump uses 95% American contents we hand assemble in the USA. We test each pump, submerging it to ensure proper seals, exceptional pumping performance, and functioning electrical capabilities. Zoeller Pump also provides extensive, three-year warranties on its Aquanot® Spin pumps to give you and your clients the dependability you deserve.

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PUMP: Designed and tested for reliability, the Aquanot® 508 DC sump pump works alongside submersible or pedestal pumps to provide up to 6 hours of continuous high performance pumping when the primary pump power is interrupted or more capacity is needed. The 508 is made by Zoeller in Indiana. Each pump is individually tested and achieves 35 GPM at 10′ at 12.7 volts.

CONTROLLER: The Spin controller is an automatic charging and protection system, including a low battery indicator and alarm, self-testing technology, and an optional high water switch.

  • Self-testing pump
  • Early warning and smart diagnostics
  • Supervised switch connections
  • Optional high water sensor

BATTERY CASE: The included battery case will accommodate maximum battery dimensions of 13″ L x 7-1/2″ W x 9-1/2″ H (33 cm L x 19 cm W x 24 cm H) and fits all group size 27, 29 and 31 batteries. Made from non-corrodible polyethylene. To use multiple batteries, order extra battery case with hook-up wire (10-5184). Battery not included.

FITTINGS: An integrated DC pump discharge check valve, additional AC pump thread-in check valve, tee, and adapter are included.

TECHNOLOGY: This charger uses the latest switch mode technology available. This allows for an extremely efficient charger in a compact design.

3 year limited warranty.

The Aquanot® 508 model: 508-0005

Primary sump pump included with ProPak model: 508-0006 with model 53®, 508-0007 with model 98.

Also consider the Aquanot® Fit 508 Systems, which can add remote access and mobile notifications through the Z Control® Cloud platform.