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Aquanot® Fit 508

Aquanot® Fit 508

Backup Pump Systems

PROFESSIONAL Series, self-testing, 12-volt DC battery backup system with built-in WiFi for Z Control® connectivity

Aquanot Fit 508

Give your customers the protection they deserve with an Aquanot Fit 508 backup sump pump from Zoeller Pump Company.

The Battery Backup Pump System Homeowners Can Trust

This high-performance residential backup sump pump uses a 12-volt DC battery to work in tandem with primary sump pumps for up to 6 hours of uninterrupted function. When needed, it will automatically jump into action, pumping 35 gallons per minute (GPM) at a 10-foot max head.

The Aquanot Fit 508 also boasts benefits like:

  • Z Control® connectivity.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for convenient alerts.
  • Self-testing and smart diagnostics.
  • A three-year limited warranty.
  • Low battery indicator and automatic recharging features.

Count on Zoeller Pump Company

Zoeller Pump Company has provided contractors and distributors with cutting-edge residential and commercial sump pumps for over 80 years. We are North America’s oldest and largest family-owned water pump manufacturer.

We are proud of our American heritage, and we build our pumps in the United States using 95% U.S. content. Our experts thoroughly inspect and test each product to ensure only the finest devices end up in the homes and offices of your customers. With Zoeller Pump Company by your side, you’ll have the confidence in your operations you deserve.

Find an Aquanot Fit 508 Distributor Near You

Whether supplying contractors with equipment or installing pumps for homeowners, you want to ensure you’re offering a reliable product. With Zoeller Pump Company backup pump systems, you’ll always have the security you need — and so will your customers.

Find a Zoeller Pump Company supplier near you to explore our products. For more information about our pumps, call us at 800-928-7867.

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