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Zoeller Pump manufactures a wide selection of residential and commercial pumps and accessories to provide the best solutions for moving wastewater and effluent. 100% of Zoeller pumps are tested under water for their published performance before they leave the facility – no one matches this level of dependability. With 95% of their products being made in the USA using a majority of US content, Zoeller Pump is proud of their American heritage and US commitment.



The perfect solution for greywater removal in a variety of residential applications where a gravity system is not available including utility sinks, bar sinks, outdoor kitchen sinks, laundry trays, dehumidifiers, or even air conditioning condensate.

Qwik Drain IBS23 Graphic

  • Qwik Drain 5-gallon basin comes preassembled with a 1/3 HP, 3/8” solids passing pump
  • Qwik Drain Pro 5-gallon basin comes preassembled with a 3/10 HP, 1/2” solids passing pump
  • Clear observation window allows for easy and fast pump maintenance! No disconnecting pipes to remove the pump!
  • Odor-proof sealed lid and clear observation window. Keep out unwanted smells and check the water level at any time!
  • Two available ports: one on top, one on the side. Either can be used as a vent or inlet to accommodate the application’s available space
  • Can be installed under most sinks and inside cabinets
  • Pair with the high water Qwik Alarm™  for extra protection!
  • Noise level: 63 dB, similar to a dishwasher
  • 2-year limited warranty on Qwik Drain. 3-year limited warranty on Qwik Drain Pro


High-water alarm for use with select Zoeller remodeling products.

Qwik Alarm

  • An audible alarm that alerts when the tank water level is high
  • Convenient snap-fit cover provides easy access to alarm settings and the battery compartment
  • Low profile, compact design blends in well in a bathroom setting
  • IPX8 rated device that can withstand periods of total immersion, so it is ideal for damp areas
  • Can now be used with the NEW Zoeller Qwik Drain!



For use on 24” x 24” 912 and 915 Package Systems

IBS23 Extension

  • 8” height for applications that require the basin to be deeper than basin height.
  • (4) blank areas that can be used for field installation of additional pipe seals
  • Utilizes existing cover with access port provided with the stand-alone basin assembly or 912/915 Sewage/Grinder Package Systems.
  • Each extension includes necessary hardware to extend the float tree and properly seal the basin to help eliminate ground water infiltration


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