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Programme de dimensionnement des pompes

Not sure what pump will guarantee the most efficient and productive output for your needs? At Zoeller Pump Company, we offer a Pump Sizing Program to help you determine the perfect commercial or residential pump sizing.

How Do I Know What Size Pump I Need?

Before selecting your pump, you should be mindful of several sizing aspects. The first thing to consider is what kind of pump you need for your application. Pumps aren’t one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, they are designed to fit different situations, including general water transfer, agriculture, residential dewatering, or stormwater removal.

Once you know what you need a pump for, it’s essential to understand how to size your pump correctly. There are crucial characteristics to look at in terms of a pump’s performance, such as Max Head, Total Dynamic Head, Max Flow Rate, and Solids Handling. These areas will show you how much and how far the pump can transfer, along with the size of debris or waste it can handle.

  • Max Head: The vertical distance that a pump can push liquid against gravity. 
  • Total Dynamic Head: The back pressure from the system at a given flow. It is the sum of the static head, friction head, and operating head.
  • Max Flow Rate: The largest volume of water a pump can push out. This element is often measured in gallons per minute (GPM).
  • Solids Handling: The size of materials a pump can pass through, which are typically referred to as spherical solids.

Zoeller Pump Company’s Sizing Program

At Zoeller Pump Company, we want to ensure you have access to suitable pumps that fit your needs. To do this, we have created our Pump Sizing Program to give you the necessary information to choose the right product. With our simple menu, you’ll easily navigate through this program, gaining valuable insight into the ideal residential or commercial pump sizing.

Our pump size calculator will ask you questions about your specific situation, helping you make important decisions about your future pump. It will guide you to a design point, recommending three suitable Zoeller Pump models. After you’re done, you can easily share a copy of your sizing results or request assistance.

We’ve added some new updates! Here’s a look at what’s new:

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Vous avez encore des questions ? Contactez notre service d'assistance produit au 1-800-928-7867, poste 6, ou par e-mail [email protected].

Correctly Size Your Future Pump With Our Pump Sizing Program

Do you need help finding the correctly sized pump fit to meet your application requirements? Sign up for our Pump Sizing Program to ensure you find the right pump for yourself and your clients. Feel free to call our professionals at 800-928-7867 if you need additional help or check online for our nearest pump distributors.

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