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Zoeller hosts several FREE LIVE webinars each year that cover a variety of industry and product-related topics from pump and basin sizing basics to control panel components and troubleshooting. Topics are chosen based on your feedback and fine-tuned by Zoeller experts with years of experience and industry knowledge to create a valuable and educational experience for all attendees.

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Contractor Rewards: Getting Started - This webinar covers basic details about the Contractor Rewards program, and what you need to know before getting started. Associated Literature: Contractor Rewards
An Introduction to Z Control® Cloud Technology - Zoeller's Z Control® technology enables remote status checks and testing as well as FREE email, text, and push notifications for all alert conditions from connected products. This webinar will be an introduction to the Z Control Cloud platform, cover features and benefits, and enabled product offering. Associated Literature: FM2945, FM3010, FM3110, FM2941
Z Control® Cloud Part II - Connecting and Configuring Devices and Accounts - Expand your knowledge of the Z Control® platform beyond the basics. Learn how to create an account, and then connect and add devices to the account. We will also look at configuration choices and device sharing capabilities. Finally, we will look at common questions and troubleshooting. No experience required. Associated Literature: FM2941, FM3010, FM3110, FM3097
Shark Series Grinder Pumps - This training covers a wide variety of grinder pumps, including fractional horsepower grinders, progressing cavity grinders, reversing grinders, and larger grinder pumps with vertical or horizontal discharge options. It details Zoeller's standard and hazardous duty options available in the Shark® Series grinder pump line, and specific features of Zoeller grinder pumps such as the axial (scissor-like) cutting capabilities, automatic versus non-automatic units, moisture detection systems, reversing cutters, and much more. Associated Literature: FM0532
Pump Sizing 101 - Submersible sump and sewage pumps can be found in lots of different applications, but all too often specific pump models are chosen for the wrong reasons. Pumps are a bit more complicated than just a certain horsepower motor strapped to an impeller! This presentation will introduce attendees to the important concepts and characteristics of pump selection and will demonstrate some basic examples of pump selection from start to finish. From the application (sewage, effluent, or groundwater) to the physical characteristics of the pump (solids-handling capability, motor size, etc.) to the performance (pump curves and TDH calculations), this course will equip attendees with the tools necessary to avoid common pitfalls and select a pump confidently and correctly every time. Associated Literature: FM0503, Pump Sizing Summary
Z Control® Cloud Part III - Troubleshooting - Learn tips and tricks and how to overcome common mistakes when connecting Z Control® products. Also learn about the brand new mobile app which streamlines the whole process. Associated Literature: FM3110, FM2945
Control Panel Components & Troubleshooting - In this presentation we will discuss the standard line of Zoeller Control Panels as well as some options available on them. We will go through their functionality and the various types of components you will discover in them. We will cover some troubleshooting and mention some best practices when installing control panels for long lasting and trouble free pump and control life. Associated Literature: Basin Capacity Chart, Pump System Start Up Report, Zoeller Start Up Report Defined
Basin Sizing 101 - In this presentation you will learn some of the industry standards on how to properly size a wastewater and stormwater lift station. You will learn why a properly sized lift station is important and the various components to keep in mind when providing a turn-key solution for your customers. Associated Literature: Volume Per Depth Table
Cluster Systems - Clarus Environmental experts host a Cluster Systems webinar! They explain the importance of cluster systems, their components, and walk through details of a past installation. Associated Literature: CL0011, CL0149, CL0071, CL0062, CL0051

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1/26/2022 - 11:00 AM

Zoeller Package Systems & Basins Overview Webinar

2/23/2022 - 11:00 AM

Backup Protection Overview Webinar

3/23/2022 - 11:00 AM

Zoeller Upflush & Other Home Solutions Webinar

4/27/2022 - 11:00 AM

Zoeller Specialty Products Overview Webinar

5/25/2022 - 11:00 AM

Zoeller Sump Pumps & Switch Options Webinar

6/22/2022 - 11:00 AM

Zoeller Environmental Products Overview Webinar

7/27/2022 - 11:00 AM

Pump Sizing 101 Webinar

8/24/2022 - 11:00 AM

Pivot Panel Introduction Webinar

9/28/2022 - 11:00 AM

Recirculating Media Filters Overview Webinar

10/19/2022 - 11:00 AM

Basin Sizing Webinar

11/30/2022 - 11:00 AM

Why Zoeller Pumps Webinar

12/14/2022 - 11:00 AM

Zoeller Shark Series Grinder Offering Webinar