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Turbine Effluent Pumps

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Turbine Effluent Pumps

Used in onsite applications that demand more head than a traditional single stage centrifugal submersible pump can deliver.

Features and Benefits

Zoeller Pump's turbine effluent pump line meets a wide range of applications. The six core families group the pumps by nominal flow rate. Within each family, pumps are arranged by number of stages and motor size, from 1/2 hp up to 3 hp. All pumps feature a mid-section intake, corrosion resistant stainless steel motor and pump casings, and a jacketed cord. Individual pumps can achieve pressures of up to 500’ while others can reach flows of up to 120 gpm. Common applications for turbine effluent pumps include STEP applications, effluent sewer force mains, treatment systems, and drip field dosing. All Zoeller Pump turbine effluent pumps' Franklin Electric submersible motors can pass 3/32” spherical solids. To avoid nuisance fouling of the inlet screens, we recommend that these pumps be used with Zoeller Pump turbine STEP vaults.

  • 26 models to fit a wide range of applications
  • 10’, 25’, 50’, and 100’ cords available
  • 11, 19, and 27 gpm models feature a 1-1/4” glass-filled Noryl discharge
  • 35, 55, and 85 gpm models feature a 2” stainless steel discharge
  • Pumps are complete with all necessary starting components when applicable
  • 1 year limited warranty


All Zoeller Pump products must be installed and maintained in accordance with all applicable codes.

Product Specifications

Motor 1/2 - 3 HP
Voltage 115, 230 V
Phase 1 Ph
Hertz 60 Hz
Discharge Size 1-1/4" (11, 19, 27 GPM), 2" (35, 55, 85)
Max Flow Rate 11, 19, 27, 35, 55, 85 GPM
  • cCSAus


Filtered STEP System

The Zoeller Pump Filtered STEP System is designed as an economical and reliable solution to an onsite pumping requirement. When the effluent must be pumped uphill, for enhanced flow, pressure sewer or where alternative systems require high head, the Filtered STEP System is the answer without the extra cost of a pumping chamber. For use with pumps up to 55 GPM. Contact factory for 85 GPM applications.

Pressure Effluent Filter

The Zoeller Pump Pressure Filter will help prolong the life of an onsite drainfield by filtering out solids which cause plugging. Used in both residential and commercial applications, this unique design and mounting location allows easy access to the filtering screen. Use in low-pressure pipe, drip or enhanced flow applications. Use as a prefilter for dosed treatment devices such as recirculating media filters.

Check Valves


All brass spring loaded check valves are designed to screw directly into the pump discharge. Check valves are assembled with components suitable for a septic environment. Check valves should be used at the pump in a pressure sewer system. A redundant PVC check valve and isolator (ball) valve should also be used at the sewer connection in pressure sewers.


PVC check valves can be used inline with the pump discharge piping or at the street service connection in a pressure sewer system. Check valves are a true-union design so they can be removed and serviced without cutting the pipe. Clear PVC for easy inspection and connection via a glue joint.

Rail Systems

Rail systems are used for easy pump removal from an effluent pit. Service personnel will not need to enter a hazardous environment. Pump sits on floor and engages piping system via a sliding disconnect fitting. All parts are stainless steel or brass and suitable for a septic environment. Piping not included.

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