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Pressure Effluent Filter

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Pressure Effluent Filter

Screens effluent under pressure on a pump discharge line

Features and Benefits

Zoeller Pump's Pressure Filter helps prolong the life of an onsite system by filtering out solids which may cause harm to downstream components. The filter is useful in both residential and commercial pressure dose systems where the downstream components might include low pressure pipe, drip irrigation, recirculating media filters, or upflow wetlands. The unique design allows for installation just inside the riser, combining ease of maintenance with efficient performance. The base screen is of 347 stainless steel and utilizes 1/16" holes, although 600 micron and 100 micron filtration socks are available for finer filtration. The socks are very durable and can be cleaned and reused. A pressure alarm switch is also available. The switch monitors the pressure differential above and below the filter and will activate an alarm in the event of a clog.

  • 1 year limited warranty


Protective Sock:

100 and 600 micron Protective Sock for finer filtration. The 100 micron sock can be used in conjunction with most drip systems.

Pressure Alarm Switch:

The pressure switch will activate an alarm in the event of a clogged filter. Pressure alarm switch can be adjusted between 3 to 24 lbs. standard. Supplied with 5' of 1/4" tubing, adjustable switch and 10' of electrical cord. (order alarm separately)


Indoor/Outdoor alarm box to work with the pressure alarm switch. Visual red light & audible alarm. 115 V. UL Listed and CSA Certified.

Lid Wrench & Filter Removal Tools:

The 40" long standard screen removal wrench allows for easy filter maintenance. The boxed end is designed for loosening and removing the filter cap, while the hooked end easily lifts the filter screen. After servicing, the same tools can be used for re-installation. The bristle screen removal wrench is designed to remove the filter without tearing the optional protective socks.

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