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Container Assembly

Environmental Products // Effluent Filters

Container Assembly

Used to retrofit filters into existing onsite treatment systems

Features and Benefits

Zoeller Pump's Container Assembly provides a convenient way to install a WW1 effluent filter outside the septic tank. Many older septic tanks were constructed with concrete outlet baffles making effluent filter installations nearly impossible. The container assembly provides the same degree of protection for downstream components as an internal effluent filter installation without the need to remove restrictive outlet baffles. The container assembly kit includes the filter container, a riser lid and screws, a 12” riser, 4” SDR 35 and SCH 40 pipe seals, and sealant.

  • Allows the use of effluent filters with any septic tank
  • Same protection as internal effluent filters
  • Additional 6” or 12” tall risers are available
  • Easy to install and maintain


Useful for reducing laundry lint when utilized in a separate drainfield and installed with a "WW" Filter (P/N 170-0078). All Zoeller Pump products must be installed and maintained in accordance with all applicable codes.


  1. Dig a hole and remove a 23" section of the discharge pipe (see Fig. 2). Clean both ends of the exposed pipe.
  2. There are two sizes of pipe seals included with the filter container. The larger seals are for SCH 40-4" PVC, and the smaller seals are for SDR 35-4" PVC. Install the appropriate pipe seal in the basin so that the pipe will slide in from the outside of the basin.
  3. Cut and clean an 11" length of pipe from the 23" section of 4" pipe you removed from the discharge pipe. Cement a 4" coupling to one end of this pipe. The coupling will be used to reconnect the 11" length of pipe to the existing pipe on the distribution side of the basin. Insert the pipe into outlet pipe seal, keeping the coupling on the outside. Note: To ease installation, lubricate the seal with a mild soap solution such as dishwashing liquid.
  4. Place 3" of sand or gravel in the hole. Place the basin in the hole, and adjust fill as needed to line up the pipe coming from the septic tank and the inlet hole on the basin. Insert the pipe coming from the septic tank into the inlet of the basin. The pipe should extend into the basin approximately 1" (see Fig. 1).
  5. Prepare the coupling and pipe for cementing, then push outward on the outlet pipe and cement the coupling to the existing pipe. The pipe should extend into the basin approximately 3" (see Fig. 1). Note: After pipe is installed, clean off any remaining lubricant. (See Step #3)
  6. To attach the filter (P/N 170-0078) to the outlet pipe, cement a 4" sanitary tee on to the outlet pipe with a 12" length of 4" pipe cemented to the bottom opening of the sanitary tee (See Fig. 1). If using a Clarus Filter (P/N 170-0144) remove the filter from the sanitary tee. Cement the sanitary tee on to the pipe extending into the outlet of the basin. If the piping is SDR 35 use the reducer supplied with the filter. Slide the filter back into the sanitary tee.
  7. Attach the 12" extension riser to the basin using the supplied foam gasket and bolts. Apply silicone caulking over the bolt and washer after installed. (Optional 6" and 12" extension risers are available to be added to the 12" extension as needed.) (See Front.)
  8. Attach the cover to the extension using the supplied foam gasket and bolts.
  9. Backfill to the top of the extension.