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Carbon Vent

Environmental Products // Accessories

Carbon Vent

Eliminates septic tank odors

Features and Benefits

Zoeller Pump's Carbon Vent is a must-have accessory where septic tank odors spoil your outdoor activities. The activated carbon within the vent effectively eliminates these odors without interfering with the operation of the biological environment of the septic tank. The carbon vent is constructed of non-corrodible materials and will withstand years of weathering. Installation is easy and models are available to fit either 3" or 4" pipe sizes. The carbon vent’s design allows for easy renewal of the carbon if its effectiveness diminishes.

  • Each vent holds 8 oz of carbon. (1 lb of activated carbon provides a surface area of approximately 125 acres)
  • Twist top for easy maintenance but prevents leaves, rain, etc. from entering
  • Eliminates septic tank odors
  • Fits vent pipes on portable toilets


All Zoeller Pump products must be installed and maintained in accordance with all applicable codes.