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Aquanot® 585

Backup Pump Systems // Battery-Powered Backup Systems

Aquanot® 585

Battery back-up pedestal sump pump

Features and Benefits

  • Extra protection when your primary pump fails for any reason
  • No interruption in pump performance because of power outage or failure of primary pump
  • One of the most reliable and well-established battery backup systems in use today
  • 25 years of proven performance in the field and thousands of satisfied customers
  • Pump has heavy-duty, 12 V motor and positive contact float switch
  • Stainless steel column and shaft
  • Non-corrosive base assembly
  • Discharges water as fast as many 1/3 HP primary pumps
  • Aquanot® II equipped with automatic electronic 28.0 amp charger to maintain and recharge battery
  • Pump alarm included
  • Minimum pit requirements: 18" x 22" (46 x 56 cm)

For AC pump backup and emergency use.

The Complete Aquanot® II system includes the pump, the electronic charger and a 12 V pump alarm. You may purchase the DEEP-CYCLE battery and battery box separately.

Aquanot® II comes with these electronic charger features:

  • 28.0 amp battery charger
  • LED status indicators
  • Automatic battery recharging
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Each unit individually tested
  • 3.5 amp AC input
  • 12 V DC output
  • Because this unit converts AC to DC, this pump will operate for an extended time as a backup unit in case of primary pump failure

Aquanot® Battery:

  • Size 31 “Wet” No. 10-0761 (69 lbs / 31 kg), 200 minute reserve capacity
  • Size 27 “AGM” No. 10-1450 (66 lbs / 30 kg), 175 minute reserve capacity
  • Minimum battery requirements deep cycle, size 27, 175 minute reserve capacity

Aquanot® II (Model 585) data was developed with the charger supplying DC power to the pump.

Products may not be exactly as illustrated.

Charger may also be purchased separately.

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