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910 Sewage Systems

Package Systems and Basins

910 Sewage Systems

910 simplex and duplex sewage package systems (unassembled) 

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for homes, farms, trailer courts, motels, restaurants and institutions where drain facilities are below existing sewer lines
  • Maximum temperature rated at 130 °F (54 °C)
  • Options: Zoeller recommends a High Water Alarm for added protection. See FM0732 for available models.
  • Indoor sewage applications only, 910-0030 or 910-0031 includes:
    • Two automatic pumps
    • One 10-0804 Smart Pak Residential Alternator with alarm
    • One [P/N 31-1105] 30” x 36” (76 x 91 cm) polyfoam basin with 2” vent/discharge
    • Two 30-0101 Tri-Check® Valves

Polyethylene structural foam, polyethylene or fiberglass

Check valves:
2” cast iron and 2” PVC full flow design

The packages listed are available in 2” and 3” vertical discharge and vent. Consult factory for other combinations and prices. Polyethylene basins recommended for indoor installations only.

Technical Data

Pump Performance Curves