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Qwik-Box Pump Control and Alarm Systems


Qwik-Box Pump Control and Alarm Systems

A junction connection box designed for easy hook-up of pumps and alarm systems used in septic effluent, sewage, or dewatering applications requiring a connection outside the building or residence

Features and Benefits

The Qwik-Box eliminates the need for junction wiring boxes inside sewage and septic tanks, and consists of UL listed components. The sealed receptacle also eliminates the need for a separate outdoor disconnect. The pump and piggyback float switch plug directly into the sealed receptacle. The plug and receptacle meet all requirements of the National Electrical Code for a disconnecting means for fractional horsepower motors. The sealed enclosure meets requirements of the National Electrical Code and simplifies removal of pump and float control switch for service or repair. The Qwik-Box allows you to open the cover and have the pump unit serviced by disconnecting piggyback pump float switch cord at this receptacle.

Standard features

  • No need to cut off plugs
  • Sealed, watertight enclosure
  • Corrosion-resistant PVC construction
  • Easy hookup of indoor alarm with terminal strip exposed for low voltage wiring
  • Rated for NEMA 4X
  • Incoming power and alarm cable are permanently sealed, epoxy seal kit included
  • Watertight rubber cord seal for pump and switch cables
  • Optional indoor tank alert alarm with silence switch and LED indicator
  • Installation and wiring instructions included
  • Meets NEC requirements for a disconnect
  • Pumps and/or alarms wired in or connected in the field, must be installed according to the National Electrical Code (NEC) by a qualified licensed electrician.
  • 1 year limited warranty

Optional Components

For use with pumps rated 1/2 HP, 115 V, 13 Amps or 1 HP, 230 V, 13 Amps.

For use with pumps rated 13-15 Amps, 3/4 HP, 115 V or 13-20 Amps, 2 HP, 230 V, order switch separately. See FM0477 (pumps must have 15 Amp plug cap to be used with piggyback switch).