APak® Z Control® Indoor Alarm

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APak® Z Control® Indoor Alarm

Indoor Alarm Systems - Standard and Z Control® models. Receive text, email & push notifications of alarms through Z Control®.

Features and Benefits

APak® Z Control® Enabled Alarm System has all of the standard features, plus:

  • Second input for additional monitoring ability
  • Dry contacts for connection to home security system, etc.
  • Z Control® Enabled!
    • Wi-Fi® equipped
    • Receive free text, email, and push alerts on:
      • Power outage
      • Low battery
      • Input 1 or 2 triggers
      • Loss of contact with Z Control®
    • Remotely silence or reset alarm
    • Free Z Control® app with web interfaces
    • Free Z Control® account
    • No monthly cost
    • Simple set-up
    • Z Control® connectivity LED
  • 10-4013 comes with reed sensor
  • 10-4014 comes with mechanical float switch
  • 2 year limited warranty on 10-4011 and 10-4012
  • 5 year limited warranty on 10-4013 and 10-4114

Standard APak® features:

  • Longer battery life
  • Friendlier design
  • More compact and easy to install
  • CSA approved
  • NEMA 1 enclosure
  • High water LED and alarm
  • Low battery LED and alarm
  • Silence/Reset button
  • 87 decibel alarm
  • AC only mode, DC only mode, AC/DC mode
  • Long battery life (requires 2 AA, not included). Up to 2 years in AC/DC mode, up to 1 year in DC only mode.
  • Power supply with 6' (2 m) cord included
  • 10-4011 comes with reed sensor
  • 10-4012 comes with mechanical float switch
  • Receive alarms through Z Control® Cloud! See FM3010.

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FAQs about your APak

Either the Standard or Wi-Fi® APak® can be used to monitor nearly any switch or pair of dry contacts.

For sewage applications, the models with mechanical float switch are recommended (10-4012 and 10-4014). If a direct-wired alarm is required, use 10-2614, which is unchanged from our previous generation of alarms.