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Simplex Electrical Control Panels

Control Panels

Simplex Electrical Control Panels

1 Ph and 3 Ph control panels with built-in alarms for simplex systems with a non-automatic dewatering pump

Features and Benefits

An Electrical Control Panel is used on a simplex pump application where automatic electrical cycling of the pump is desired for added protection in residential or commercial applications. A control panel is required for all systems using a non-automatic pump. The built-in alarm system, a standard feature, will activate when the water level becomes unusually high. All electrical systems must be installed by a qualified electrician and according to the National Electrical Code (see section 430-113, plus any others that apply).

Single-phase control panel features:

  • 115-208-230 Volts
  • Dead front panel
  • Clear inner door (10-0125 only)
  • Complete with three 20' (6 m) control float switches
  • Equipment disconnect (10-0125 only)
  • Motor contactor (all models except 10-1019 and 10-1023)
  • NEMA 4X watertight enclosure with lockable latch
  • Top-mounted alarm light
  • Alarm horn provides audio warning of alarm condition (83 to 85 decibel rating)
  • Pump run indicator light
  • Horn silence and alarm test toggle switches
  • HOA switch(all models except 10-1019 and 10-1023)
  • Complete installation instructions included
  • Lockable latch
  • Dry auxiliary contact (not available in plug-in panels)
  • Receive alarms through Z Control® Cloud! See FM3010.
  • 2 year limited warranty

Single-phase, simplex plug-in control panel features:

  • NEMA 4X enclosure with hinged cover
  • Receptacle for use with piggyback pump switch
  • Alarm horn (83 to 85 decibel rating)
  • Terminal strip
  • Horn silence switch to turn alarm on or off
  • Alarm float only

Three-phase, simplex control panel features:

  • NEMA 4X - watertight enclosure with lockable latch.
  • Hand-off-toggle switch
  • Green pump run light
  • Alarm test and silence switches
  • Red alarm beacon and audible alarm for a high water condition (83 to 85 decibel rating)
  • Motor protection switch with overload protection
  • Magnetic starter
  • Numbered terminal strip for connecting pumps and variable level float switches
  • Dry auxiliary contacts for remote alarm devices
  • Three-float operation (floats not included – see FM0526)
  • UL listed
  • The use of off-the-shelf components provides for relatively easy field maintenance and repair

Sequence of Operation for Simplex Panel:

1. Operation can begin after the following:

  • Correct voltage is supplied to panel
  • A good ground is supplied to panel
  • Pump is connected correctly to panel
  • Panel circuit breaker is closed
  • Floats are installed properly
  • Overload protection is adjusted to pump nameplate amps
  • Pump HOA switch is set to ‘auto’

2. When the ‘Stop’ and ‘Start’ floats are closed, the pump will energize and the external pump run light will illuminate. The pump will remain operational until the ‘Stop’ float opens.

3. In the event the liquid level continues to rise, the ‘Alarm’ float will be closed. When the ‘Alarm’ float is closed, the following will occur:

  • The external high water light will illuminate
  • The audible high water horn will sound
  • The auxiliary dry contacts will close

4. The audible high water horn can be silenced by pressing the alarm silence button. When the ‘Alarm’ float is opened the external high water light, audible high water horn and dry auxiliary contacts will be reset.

All variable level float switches in this section are mechanically activated and do not contain mercury.

For Single Phase Simplex Pump Control/Alarm System (1) Alarm float switch not included, purchase separately. See FM0526.

A three phase panel has a multi-tap transformer with secondary fusing.

Refer to FM1228 and FM1705 for correct selection of simplex panels.