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Battery-Powered Backup Systems
Aquanot® Fit 508

PROFESSIONAL Series, self-testing, 12-volt DC battery backup system with built-in WiFi for Z Control® connectivity

Aquanot® Spin 508

Self testing 12 Volt backup sump pump system. Fully automatic, and industry best performance and efficiency.

Aquanot® Key 507

12 Volt DC backup sump pump systems. Fully automatic entry level system.

Aquanot® 585

Battery backup pedestal sump pump

Aquanot® Batteries

Maintenance free, deep cycle batteries from Zoeller.

Water-Powered Backup Systems
540 FLEX™

Water-powered, emergency backup sump pump system

Combination Primary and Battery Backup Systems

Complete sump pump systems preassembled with battery backup and primary pumps. The Fit Model has additional features such as internet connectivity to Z Control® for notification and remote access.