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Qwik Jon Choice & Premier Toilet Systems

The Qwik Jon Choice (3/10 HP Macerator) and Qwik Jon Premier (1/2 HP Grinder) are both great options that make it easy and cost effective for anyone to install a bathroom anywhere that wastewater removal is necessary, but gravity drainage is cost prohibitive. You can avoid living in a dusty construction zone for months when adding a new bathroom. There’s no need to spend money breaking concrete to dig when you can stay above grade with one of our Qwik Jons. Watch this video for some highlights on our Qwik Jon Premier!

24X24 Sewage/Grinder Package Systems

This year we're brining our newly redesigned 24x24 Sewage and Grinder Systems. These units were modified with the Contractor in mind! For years we’ve been hearing from customers on these systems, ‘We love your pumps, but your package system could use some improvement’. Well, we took that feedback, and Sales, Marketing, & Engineering teamed together to revamp these systems to not only deliver on the Contractor’s needs, but to go above and beyond in the production of this new unit. Watch this video for some highlights of the new package!


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