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Cast Iron and Plastic Check Valves

Check Valves

Cast Iron and Plastic Check Valves

30-0021, 30-0151, 30-0181, 30-0200

Features and Benefits

30-0021: 2" plastic slip x slip unions
30-0151: 2" cast iron slip x slip unions

  • Full 2" flow design - meets BOCA (P.604.2)
  • 2" Full Flow Pump Code
  • Checks backflow of water and sewer gas
  • Simple to install (no threading of pipe required). Save time & material costs
  • Neoprene gasket and flapper, weighted with heavy stainless steel metal backing plates and stainless steel rivet
  • Can be installed on vertical or horizontal line
  • Slips over ABS, PVC, steel pipe or copper piping
  • Reduces motor and pump noise from plumbing system
  • Meets requirements of Wisconsin Uniform Plumbing Code
  • Flexible neoprene slip x slip union includes stainless steel clamps for low pressure systems. Avoid more than 10' (3 m) static head above the check valve. 4.3 PSI at 130 °F (54 °C).
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Extra wide hinge to reduce hinge stress
  • Plastic check has PVC body and can be installed with solvent welded couplings for pressure systems to 25 PSI (57' [17 m] of head) (P/N 30-0023)
  • Model 30-0151 has corrosion-resistant, powder coated epoxy finish
  • Stainless steel sleeves available to meet Illinois plumbing code. cast iron 30-0201 / PVC 30-0202
  • Plastic check individual rack pack Model 30-0022
  • 6 per carton

30-0181/30-0200: 1-1/2" or 1-1/4" slip x slip union

  • Flapper bends over a radius, no sharp 90° edges—lengthens life of flapper hinge
  • PVC plastic check body, ultrasonically-welded and can be solvent-welded for rigid pressure rated piping systems to 25 PSI - (57' [17 m] of head) at 130 °F (54 °C). (30-0182)
  • Vertical or horizontal installation
  • Available in individual packages for pegboard display (30-0191)
  • All stainless steel screws, nuts and clamps on model 30-0200 only
  • Slip x slip for 4.3 PSI (10' [3 m] of head) at 130 °F (54 °C). Avoid more than 10' (3 m) static head above the check valve
  • Designed to reduce water hammer
  • 10 per carton