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Alarm Systems

Indoor/Outdoor Alarm System to warn of a high water condition

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Demand Dose Control Panels

Simplex or duplex control switch for dewatering, effluent and sewage applications

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Pivot Pro Series

1Ph and 3Ph Simplex and Duplex panels with even more standard features than Pivot.  LCD screen, internet connectivity and much more.

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Pivot Pro+ Series

Pivot Pro+ panels are built the same as Pivot Pro panels but in larger enclosures. This  larger enclosure allows for variations such as Reversing panels, Start Kit panels, and other future variations.

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Pivot Series

1Ph Simplex and Duplex panels loaded with many more standard features than typical panels.  Many counters and alarms built-in!

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Timed Dosing Control Panels

Programmable for simplex or duplex installations

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Variable Level Pump Switch

Single and double piggyback variable level switches for direct pump control

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Wi-Fi Gateway

Connect Z Control® Enabled Zoeller Products to the Z Control® Cloud.

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Z Control®

Enables remote status checks and testing as well as FREE email, text, and push notifications for all alert conditions in your home sump pit.

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