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How to Add a Bathroom Anywhere in Your Home

Bathrooms are an essential part of any home, and having more than one can be a good idea for different reasons. However, it can be difficult to know where to add a new bathroom in your house, especially when you have to consider essential elements like plumbing. Fortunately, with an upflush toilet system, you can add a bathroom […]

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What Are the Benefits of an Upflush Toilet System?

  Upflush toilets are growing in popularity in the United States because they make it easier to create bathrooms in smaller spaces. Homeowners can benefit from using upflush toilets because they can add space to their homes and increase property value. Commercial spaces can also utilize upflush toilets to make a more convenient space for […]

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The Difference Between Gravity Drains and Drain Pumps

Drainage pumps are necessary for proper drainage when water appliances sit lower than a home’s main sewer line. Most appliances can drain correctly using gravity drains, but those in basements typically require drainage pumps to move water upward. A drain pump system uses force to transfer wastewater to a home’s main sewer line. Understanding the […]

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difference between gravity and drain pumps

What Is a Residential Grinder Pump?

Residential grinder pumps are important because they move wastewater for homes located far from or below the main sewer line. Since wastewater cannot use gravity to move upward, it needs a boost to reach the main sewer line so it can eventually move on to a wastewater treatment facility. A residential grinder pump pulverizes solid waste material […]

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what is residential grinder pump?

Top 5 Things to Consider When Shopping for an Above-Floor Plumbing System

Remodels and renovations can be stressful! There are countless options for upgrades that can completely transform your home or space. One of the most common home renovations is adding a bathroom. But what about plumbing? If you want to install a bathroom where traditional gravity plumbing does not reach, an above-floor plumbing system is a […]

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Qwik Jon® Toilet: What makes a rear discharge toilet a viable option?

If you have ever lived in an apartment or older home and considered remodeling or adding a bathroom, the cost and chaos of traditional plumbing has probably crossed your mind. There are so many things to consider when approaching a remodel or renovation, so why risk sacrificing the home of your dreams on some DIY […]

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Zoeller Pump Company Introduces Qwik Alarm™ for Qwik Jon® Premier

Zoeller Pump Company, based out of Louisville, Kentucky, who has provided world-class residential and commercial water pumps and accessories since 1939, announces the newest product to their line of high water alarms, the Qwik Alarm™. The Qwik Alarm (10-5090) was designed to be paired with the Qwik Jon Premier upflush system where a separate vent […]

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Renovations Made Affordable With Qwik Jons® and Drain Pumps

For over 80 years, Zoeller Pump Company has created high quality products, designed for dependability to provide value in our communities. Throughout the pandemic, the importance of time and money came to the forefront of homeowner’s minds. We spent more time at home than ever before, leading some to rethink the look and function of […]

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Ease Into Summer With Superior Plumbing That Won’t Break The Bank

The best time of the year has arrived, bringing holidays, pool parties, BBQ’s, backyard tailgates, and more fun. There is nothing better than having friends and family over to enjoy summer festivities and celebrations. The last thing you want to worry about during these precious moments is your home, let alone your plumbing. Knowing that […]

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11 Reasons Why to Avoid Breaking Concrete

Since 2020 we have spent a significant amount of time around our home. Now more than ever we have gotten creative and more adventurous with at home projects. Suddenly, adding that new bathroom in the basement, garage, or pool house doesn’t seem THAT out of the question. We have desired and adapted to make our […]

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