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400 Series Sewage Pumps

Single and double seal submersible sewage or dewatering pumps.

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600 Series Sewage Pumps

Submersible sewage or dewatering non-clog pumps.

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Following a heavy rainstorm or significant snowfall, water buildup is inevitable. In many areas, the ground absorbs the water. In other locations, such as parking lots, driveways, roofs, gutters, and storm drains, the water cannot penetrate. The collecting water is referred to as stormwater. Stormwater has to go somewhere, which could cause flooding, pollutant spreading, and damage.

A home or business can be left vulnerable to stormwater buildup in their basements or work sites without the proper protection. At Zoeller Pump Company, we offer efficient, high-performance water pumps to remove stormwater and defend against potential flooding and debris. Our 400 and 600 Series pumps are top-of-the-line tools to help in residential and commercial settings. Check out our heavy-duty pumps that provide the confidence to preserve businesses and residences from water damage.

You Can Rely on Our Stormwater Removal Pumps

Managing stormwater is vital to ensure that homes, offices, and work sites stay dry and safe during and following heavy rain or snowstorms. Our stormwater removal pumps are powerful devices designed to help you confidently approach the most challenging jobs. Use these pumps for dewatering or wastewater applications in pumping stations, parking lots, basements, construction sites, or anywhere else you want to prevent flooding and damage.

At Zoeller Pump Company, we put quality at the top of our list. We hermetically seal and use oil to cool our sewage pumps so that you can count on a reliable output and enduring use life. Both series also come with one-year warranties to give you peace of mind. Our stormwater pumps are excellent solutions to address your needs and include:

  • 400 Series Sewage Pumps: Our 400 Series boasts a non-clog design using an innovative vortex impeller construction. These sewage pumps are available in automatic and nonautomatic operations and benefit from a four-inch horizontal ANSI flange discharge size.
  • 600 Series Sewage Pumps: These nonautomatic pumps use tandem carbon and ceramic seals with a Class 30 cast iron construction for long-lasting, durable use. The 200- to 575-volt pumps maintain a 1 to 7 1/2 horsepower equivalent and 1750 RPMs while offering fully-submersible capabilities to remove water fast and effectively.

The Zoeller Pump Company Promise

When you choose to work with Zoeller Pump Company, you’ll benefit from eight decades of unparalleled experience. We are the leading water pump manufacturer, ready to provide world-class products. We continue to push the boundaries within the wastewater industry, relentlessly innovating and growing to bring you the highest quality products possible. We also make sure that, no matter where you’re located, you’ll find one of our distributors near you.

Zoeller Pump is an American manufacturer headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, now in its fourth generation of family ownership. As a family-owned business with 95% of our products being made in the USA using a majority of U.S. content, Zoeller Pump Company is proud of our American heritage and U.S. commitment.

Find Your Stormwater Removal Pump Distributor

Our 400 and 600 Series pumps are versatile tools built to address any commercial or residential stormwater need. Want to know where you can purchase these submersible stormwater removal pumps? Visit our Distributor Locator to find local facilities near you! You can also call us at 800-928-7867and we will do our best to answer any questions you have.

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