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803, 805, 807 Residential Grinder Pumps

These fractional-horsepower grinder pumps can handle an entire household of flushable materials. This Shark product line consists of three high-performing grinder pumps for sewer use. Plumbing contractors can utilize this cast iron grinder series for demanding residential applications.

View Product 803, 805, 807 Residential Grinder Pumps

810, 815 Series Grinder Pumps

Progressing cavity grinder pump

View Product 810, 815 Series Grinder Pumps

818, 820 Grinder Pumps

1.0 and 2.0 HP, single-direction grinder pumps uniquely designed with integral control

View Product 818, 820 Grinder Pumps

840 Reversing Grinder Pump

Pump systems and reversing controls

View Product 840 Reversing Grinder Pump

841 Grinder Pumps

Single-direction grinder pumps

View Product 841 Grinder Pumps

915 Preassembled 24 x 24 Shark® Series Grinder Systems

Preassembled 24" x 24" (61 x 61 cm) Grinder Pump System. Complete and job ready for fast installation with new PSF cover designed with the Contractor in mind.

View Product 915 Preassembled 24 x 24 Shark® Series Grinder Systems

922 Prepackaged Systems 810/815

Fiberglass or poly-ribbed basins

View Product 922 Prepackaged Systems 810/815

922 Prepackaged Systems 820/840

Fiberglass or poly-ribbed basins.

View Product 922 Prepackaged Systems 820/840

932 Replacement Assembly

Simplex replacement system for positive displacement grinder pumps

View Product 932 Replacement Assembly

Qwik Jon® Premier

A quiet, preassembled 1/2 HP grinder pump system requiring minimal space for installation and no breaking concrete! Complete system shipped right to your doorstep: 201-4000

View Product Qwik Jon® Premier

X840, X841 Series Grinder Pumps

2 HP grinder pumps with explosion-proof motors

View Product X840, X841 Series Grinder Pumps

Like garbage disposals, sewage grinder pump systems break apart various flushable materials into small, fine materials to make for easy transfer. They achieve this feat through higher amounts of head pressure, allowing our sewer system grinders to be used with pipes of a smaller diameter. These products are a cost-effective option for commercial, municipal, and residential grinder pump system contractors.

For more demanding applications prone to clogging and requiring more pressure, check out our extensive offering of grinder pumps and packages! Our Shark® Series includes superior models, helping homeowners and organizations tackle tough jobs. At Zoeller Pump Company, we strive to provide unparalleled services and products to ensure our customers have the necessary tools for success.

Our Sewage Grinder Pump Systems

Let our Shark® Series meet your client’s sewage requirements. Whether you need a single-direction residential pump like our 803, 805, and 807 series, or you want an automatic grinder pump system with integral control such as our 818, 819, 820 models, our collection has the products you’re looking for. We use high-quality materials to construct our sewage grinders, which have models with cast iron, stainless steel, and carbon and ceramic seals.

We offer models with single direction and reversing controls and automatic or nonautomatic grinder pump options to fit your needs. At Zoeller Pump Company, we maintain a vast inventory to give you the reliability you deserve. You can count on our products’ long use life and high-performance capabilities for any task. We offer numerous types of grinder systems falling into categories including:

  • Residential Grinder Pump Systems.
  • Residential Grinder Pumps Package.
  • Commercial Grinder Pump Systems.
  • Commercial Grinder Pump Package.
  • Progressing Cavity Grinder Pumps.

Turn to Zoeller Pump Company

Since 1939, Zoeller Pump Company has been extending its expertise to help customers address their residential and commercial wastewater concerns. Our sewage cutter pumps are high-efficiency solutions that can handle any job. Are you interested in purchasing one of our models? Check out our Where to Buy page to find a distributor or contractor near you!