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SmartPak® Plus Residential Alternator

Allows you to install two automatic pumps up to 1/2 HP and alternate their use. Receive text, email & push notifications of alarms through Z Control®. See below.

Features andBenefits
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  • Alternates two automatic pumps up to 1/2 HP, 12 Amps each, 115 V single phase (not to be used with grinder pumps)
  • Extends pump life
  • Compact design easily mounts in confined spaces and is equipped with cutting-edge electronics
  • Circuit fault protection
  • Specially designed for humid areas like basements
  • Universal connection for alarm switch replacement
  • Auxiliary output contacts (normally open) for remote alarm connection
  • Built-in, rechargeable battery
  • 9' power cord


  • Multiple alarm modes will alert user to potential problems and protect property by switching to the other pump when necessary.
    • High water alarm operation
    • Loss of power alarm operation
    • Continuous pump run alarm operation
    • Breaker tripped alarm operation
    • Pump failure alarm operation
  • Built-in rechargeable battery will operate the alarm and LED lights for a limited time during power outage.
  • Button for Silence and Reset
  • Receive alarms through Z Control® Cloud! See FM3010.


  • Solid green LED lights for Pump 1 and Pump 2 and Power
  • Flashing red LED lights for alarm conditions

WEIGHT 5 lbs (2.3 kg)
  • 54
  • 2

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